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Qurbaan Hua: How Will The Bhatt Family Members React After They Realise That Chahat Is A Doctor?

Jiya Chulet

January 7, 2021

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What will happen when the Bhatt family finds out about Chahat’s medical profession? Who will support her and who will voice their displeasure? We think we know the answer.

Tell us what will be your reaction if your house is burning and you throw a bucket of water, but later realise that it was petrol instead? Well, this is exactly Qurbaan Hua‘s Chahat’s situation currently. The things were not already in her favour and to top that, Kashmeera’s entry in Neel’s life has doubled her troubles. And, it doesn’t stop here. In what can be touted as a big twist, the Bhatt family will soon learn about Chahat’s medical profession. Interestingly, somewhere in our heart, we all know that Chahat will get out of this mess too. But what is more curious to us is how the members of the Bhatt family will react to this revelation. Based on their bond with Chahat, here is how, we think, they will react to it.

Vyasji’s heartbroken

Well, more than a father-in-law and daughter-in-law, Vyasji and Chahat have appeared as a father-daughter duo. We all know, it’s Vyasji’s support that has always managed to save Chahat from the hatred of other members. Vyasji trusts Chahat blindly and he’ll be heartbroken when he realises that she has hidden such a big secret from him.

Godamvari will use it as a weapon

As this revelation might create tension in the Bhatt family, it will only give more opportunities for Godamvari to start plotting. Anyways, she was seeking for a strong reason to throw Chahat out of the house. An, now by proving that Chahat is a liar, and she is not trustworthy, Godamvari will use this situation as a weapon against Chahat.

Aalekh instigates everyone against her

Another member, who is going to use this situation for his own benefit, is undoubtedly Aalekh. More than being in love, Aalekh is obsessed with Chahat. And, his obsession for her has no limit. If Godamvari will suggest throwing Chahat out of the house, we all know who is going to add fuel to the fire.

Kashmeera will grab the opportunity

Chahat is already aware of the fact that Kashmeera is going to use her pregnancy as an excuse to stay in the house. And, when Chahat’s secret will be out, it will be a golden opportunity for Kashmeera to take her place in the house.

Well, it will be interesting to watch how Chahat will save herself from these upcoming problems. You can watch Qurbaan Hua‘s latest episodes before their TV telecast on ZEE5!


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