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Qurbaan Hua: How Neel And Chahat Prove ‘Pyaar Dosti Hai’ With Their Cute Banter And Arguments

Simren Rodrigues

December 16, 2020

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A relationship is dull without any argument. Chahat and Neel take it up a notch and prove ‘Pyaar Dosti Hai’ with their sweet and cute banter. Read on

We know that Neel and Chahat‘s relationship started on a bitter note in Qurbaan Hua. However, Neel who wanted to seek revenge from Chahat’s father is slowly developing feelings for her. On the other hand, Chahat’s getting insecure and this could mean the beginning of their romance on the show. Is their friendship finally turning into love? Here are 7 instances when Neel and Chahat defined ‘Pyaar Dosti Hai’ because of their cute banter and arguments.

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1. Chahat gets jealous of Neel’s fan 

Whether they admit it or not, we know that Chahat and Neel cannot stay without each other. Chahat notices a video on Neel’s phone. In that video, a fan expresses her love for Neel. She states that she would be lucky to have a husband like Neel. This upsets Chahat who feels insecure because of the video. Neel teases her but Chahat gets angry and throws the pillows at him.

2. Chahat and Neel argue over the gift 

Neel gets angry after Chahat refuses to wear the outfit he gifted her. They get into an argument wherein Neel expresses his disappointment. He tells her that he feels like a fool. However, Chahat feels bad and decides to wear the outfit to make Neel happy. When she comes out, Neel is shocked to see her in a short pant and sleeveless top as he had brought her a saree.

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3. Neel throws Chahat out of the house 

Neel devises a plan to expose Naveli’s boyfriend. He blames Chahat and throws her out of the house in front of his family. However, Chahat is unaware that this is Neel’s plan to expose the culprit. The following day, Neel goes to greet Chahat but she is furious. Later, he explains to her that all this was a part of his plan.

4. Chahat dances for Kripa

When Gazala tries to harm Vyasji’s family, Chahat jumps in and saves them. However, she takes Kripa in the room and starts dancing in front of her. Neel notices this and wonders what is wrong with Chahat. He starts arguing with her. Chahat tells him that children can sense when something is wrong and she is dancing to make Kripa happy. Chahat then takes Neel’s hand and starts dancing with him.

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5. Neel feeds Chahat the chips

Chahat gets emotional thinking about her Ammi and sits alone in the room. Neel notices this and tries to cheer her up. But Chahat argues with him and tells him to leave her alone. Later, he enters with a bag of chips and tries to convince Chahat to eat them. But she refuses. Neel then starts feeding her the chips.

6. Chahat tapes her mouth

When Neel realises that his gift got exchanged, he teases Chahat and tells her that she looked hot in the shorts. Chahat feels embarrassed and tells him that she doesn’t want to speak to him. Later, she tapes her mouth and sits in the corner. Neel finds it funny and takes the tape off her face. The two share an intimate moment together.

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7. Chahat asks Neel for help 

Chahat tells Neel that it was her Baba’s dream and hence she wants to complete her education. However, she asks Neel for help. But he refuses because of her Baba. Chahat feels helpless and asks Bhupender to drop her at the university. However, due to a dreadful incident, she misses the deadline. Later, Neel hands over the university form to Chahat and she jumps with happiness and surprise.

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