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OMG!! Kanye West Gets Stopped By The Security Guards To Enter Kim Kardashian’s House – FIND OUT WHY


January 16, 2022

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After their divorce announcement, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been in the spotlight. Recently the rapper disclosed an incident where he stopped by Kim’s security guard to enter her house

After Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce, a lot has happened. The stars appear to be in an unusual spot, and things do not appear to be going well. While they have both moved on and are happy in their new relationships, Kanye West appears to be concerned with Kim’s ongoing relationship, and he keeps dropping hints about it.

Kanye West now claims that he was unable to enter the residence of his separated spouse, Kim Kardashian. The Yeezy creator claims that the incident transpired because Kim’s “new lover,” Pete Davidson, was present. ” Recently when he went to pick up his kids from school, the security guards detained him at the gate. “At that moment, security was behind him and his children, and that’s not going to happen,” Kanye told Entertainment Tonight’s Hollywood Unlocked presenter Jason Lee.

North West, his eldest daughter, urged her dad to walk into the house to exhibit him something at that moment. “However, he didn’t want to get into a fight about it.” So he just relaxed, drove his kids to school, and then drove them home,” Kanye continued. “I’m behind the wheel.” When I returned with them, North said, “I want you to run upstairs to see something.” ‘Oh, Daddy can’t come to see things,’ it’s like daddy is unable to enter.’ “However, that has not been specified,” he noted, saying that he may not have been told of the new restrictions.

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Pete was on the property because he was meeting his new girlfriend Kim from New York City. “I was asked to come inside by my daughter. “I was like, ‘I’m the richest Black man and North’s father,’ and guards were able to prevent me from coming into the space with my child, which had not been demarcated,” Kanye told Jason. The Chicago native then enlisted the assistance of two female cousins to help him get through the difficult situation. He also expressed his displeasure at North’s appearance on TikTok. Kimanddnorth is a new account she made with her mother.

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