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MumBhai: Sandeepa Dhar and Angad Bedi’s Cute Antics in Dubai are a Treat for Fans

Aditi Sharma

December 30, 2020

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Angad Bedi and Sandeepa Dhar kept fans glued to their seats with their chemistry in the ZEE5 originals MumBhai. Here’s a look at Vaishnavi and Bhaskar’s antics in Dubai in MumBhai.

MumBhai is a crime thriller that released recently on ZEE5. It stars Angad Bedi and Sandeepa Dhar in lead roles. The gripping series is set in the 1980s when Mumbai was ruled by the underworld and an encounter specialist takes a responsibility to take them down. However, apart from the crime, politics and power elements of the series, there is an added element of romance. The equation between Sandeepa Dhar and Angad Bedi adds the right amount of romantic element to MumBhai. Here’s a look at Vaishnavi and Bhaskar’s antics.

Angad Bedi and Sandeepa Dhar share a very strong relationship in the sh0w. They started as strangers but later got married to each other and also managed to be partners in crime. Sandeepa Dhar aka Vaishnavi has a strong personality and Bhaskar who is willing to rule the city kneels down in front of Vaishnavi. Their relationship adds a strong viewpoint to the whole series. Bhaskar always mentioned that he never came across a strong girl like Vaishnavi and he was impressed when she converted his money into white.

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Bhaskar and Vaishnavi go to Dubai for their honeymoon. Leaving every strategy behind, Bhaskar manages to hold Vaishnavi’s hand and take the flight to Dubai. They explore around Dubai romancing with each other which highlights the strong chemistry between them. Bhaskar also laughs around with her and adores her as they explore Dubai together.

Not to miss, Vaishnavi convinced Bhaskar to attend a Bollywood party with her. However, Bhaskar meets Zaheer on its honeymoon and also talks about business. Vaishnavi is stunned to see him and later waits for Bhaskar. Though Bhaskar is unknown to the fact that who sent him Dubai to meet Zaheer, he comes back with rage to chase his enemies. Vaishnavi, on the other hand, looks after Bhaskar and tells him to take care. The equation between Vaishnavi and Bhaskar changes after she sees him with Ranjana. The viewers could see how there is a change in Vaishnavi’s behaviour and how she tells Bhaskar that they both would not interfere in each other’s business now.

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Though Vaishnavi stands with Bhaskar till the end of the story the cold war between them due to Bhaskar’s ways of dealing with everything stays prevalent till the end. She also struggles to meet him in jail but she was taken a step back after she started finding of Bhaskar’s way of living and dealing with people.

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