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Mumtaaz, Manasvi And Laila: Meet The Fierce Ladies Of Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu

Tanvi Rumale

April 27, 2021

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Get to know the three ladies Meenal Sahu, Arshin Mehta and Patralekhaa and their characters from Main Hero Boll Raha Hu!

While Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu is a web series that revolves around the life of Nawab (Parth Samthaan), a mafia boss in the 90’s in Mumbai, the women he meets on the show are phenomenal and need some serious appreciation of their own. Nawab himself is narrating his story of how he went from a street smart guy in Bareilly to a mafia boss and how these three fierce ladies, Mumtaaz, Manasvi and Laila play a big role in his journey!

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Nawab meets Mumtaaz before he has become ‘Nawab Bhai’ and actually starts off his learning around the time he meets her. She is a bar dancer by profession, and she is very confident and intelligent. She had a difficult past which hardens her and makes her wise in the ways of the world. She is unapologetic and fiery and it’s wise if you don’t mess with her.

Initially, they are attracted to each other but soon realise that they are too similar and decide to be friends instead. They become good friends and Mumtaaz is always honest with him. She even hits him if need be to make him understand things and Nawab starts relying on her. They become best friends and their friendship only grows stronger each passing day. Meenal Sahu plays the role of Mumtaaz on the show.


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Manasvi is a police officer’s daughter. She is smart and quick-witted and Nawab is instantly attracted to her because of how young yet wise she is. She often gives Nawab ideas for his business and he listens to her as well. They form a mental connection and are enraptured by each other so they decide to marry very hastily.

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She is bold and ambitious, and she knows what she wants. She turns out to be Nawab’s best partner and sticks by him till the end, even after he falls for Laila! Manasvi’s character is played by Arshin Mehta.


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Laila is Nawab’s big love, the girl he just lays eyes on for the first time and falls in love with. Laila is a little secretive, a little fire and very passionate. She is impressed by Nawab when they first converse and she falls for him, just as he does. Their chemistry is crackling and their love feels beautiful. But Laila has some secrets and she is very independent and this gets in the way of her giving herself completely to Nawab. Laila’s character is played by Patralekhaa and she does the job amazingly well!


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Which heroine’s character did you think was fiercest?

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