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Kim Kardashian Finally Clears The Air About Kanye West’s Song Dissing Pete Davidson; THIS Is What She Feels – DEETS INSIDE


January 21, 2022

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Recently Kanye West had released a song that had a line dissing his estranged wife’s beau Pete Davidson. Now Kim has expressed her thoughts regarding the same

The Kardashians have a knack for making news. Whether it’s in their personal life or in their forthcoming business pursuits. Kim Kardashian is presently in the spotlight due to her tumultuous relationship with Kanye West.

Fans asked how Kim Kardashian feels about her ex-boyfriend Kanye West’s new song “Eazy,” which talks about beating on her former romance Pete Davidson’s “as*.” “Kim doesn’t believe Kanye is helping himself by slamming Pete. “It’s simply strengthening their bond because Pete is sympathizing with Kim during this struggle,” a source familiar to Kim claimed.

Kim reasoned that divorcing Kanye would put some barrier between them. Kanye, on the other hand, is making an effort to devote more time with Kim than they did before they were married. She basically thinks Kanye wants something he can’t possess, and she’s oblivious to it.”

Another source told that Kanye was “clearly attempting to elicit a response from Kim or Pete,” but Kim was wise enough to advise her new beau to “end up leaving it alone” and not respond. They shared, “She understands that being mute is the best way of dealing with this since, in the end, Kanye will unwind on his own.” “She doesn’t really want to be used as part of Kanye’s victim party, nor does she want her connection with Pete to be utilized as a part of Kanye’s victim party.”

Pete isn’t afraid of Kanye in the least, and if this was any other moment, he’d use SNL to retaliate. But, considering Pete respects her, he won’t say anything about it at least for the time being,” they revealed. “All Kim wants from Kanye is for their separation to be finalized and for them to have a fresh start.”

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Kim is fortunate in that her new partner is firmly on her side and refuses to add fuel to the fire. “When it comes to badmouthing Kanye in a stand-up act or on Saturday Night Live,” another insider stated, “Pete is likely to take the high ground.”

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