Khasma Nu Khani 29 October 2021 Upcoming Story: Devika visits the office

Armaan demands Devika to play by his rules and threatens to expose the original video of Devika approaching Ranveer Duggal to the world. Will Devika get Ranveer Duggal incriminated at the behest of Armaan or own up her fault?


October 27, 2021

Khasma Nu Khani

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In the next episode, as Devika puts on a brave face and pays a visit to Desho’s office, she plays by the rules Armaan set for her. Devika questions Desho’s veracity for colluding with her husband in an effort to safeguard him. Both, Ranveer Duggal and Desho get shocked by Devika’s behaviour and begin to feel anxious.

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Ranveer Duggal expresses his surprise about Devika’s behaviour to Desho. He explains that he was never able to comprehend why Devika misbehaved with him on the night of ‘Jagrata’. In the interim, the journalist questions Armaan about Devika’s whereabouts and urges Armaan to bring Devika before the media to offer a press statement. Soon, she suspects that Armaan might be hiding something from her by his reaction. Armaan tries to talk the journalist out of exposing Devika to the media and pressing her for a statement. Meanwhile, Desho tries to analyse the video in a bid to find a glitch to prove that the video is doctored. Desho suggests finding Devika and worries about her whereabouts.

Desho calls Devika once again in the pursuit of truth and Devika tries to receive Desho’s call in a bid to accept the truth. However, Armaan intervenes and snatches the phone from Devika’s hand. He asks her to focus on the monetary upsides of having the video on the internet as Devika pleads with him to take the video down. Desho storms into Simple’s cabin and threatens to get Armaan arrested. Simple tries to put on an act and Desho urges Simple to take her to Devika in a bid to save her husband. Soon, Simple breaks character and laughs Desho’s worries off. Meanwhile, Armaan and Devika have a run-in as he tries to coerce Devika into giving a public statement against Ranveer Duggal.

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