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Kangana Ranaut Strikes Again; Calls Twitterati ‘Fools’ For Attacking Sadhguru

Sania Kader

March 13, 2021

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Kangana Ranaut recently came out in support of Sadhguru after the man was targeted for his take on feminism. Have a look at the tweets with all details.

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut is back in the news with her tweets and this time around it is against all the people who spoke ill about Sadguru. Sadhguru is a renowned spiritual leader who recently found himself in numerous memes due to his tweets regarding feminine energy and its perseverance. The well-known guru tweeted that feminine is not just a gender but a dimension as a whole, which did not digest well with the people. A part of the Twitter users subjected him to trolling and jokes as they believed that the tweet did not make any sense. However, a few people like Kangana Ranaut also came out in support of Sadhguru, trying to prove his point and highlighting his wise outlook. The tweet by Kangana went viral within minus with followers and haters of its own.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to the attacking tweets put forth by Kangana Ranaut in support of Sadguru:

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut recently took to social media to come out in support of spiritual leader Sadhguru and his take on feminism. She shared a series of pictures of the personality and tweeted that some people have very low IQ to understand or decipher the thoughts that have been shared by Sadhguru. She stated that the man had a point and every human being has sun and the moon, mother and the father, and masculine and the feminine side within them. She tried to convey that human life is based on the concept of balance and is a combination of both extremes. She also asked the people to stop embarrassing themselves by going against Sadhguru.

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In the next two tweets, Kangana Ranaut also mentioned that the attack is not just against Sadhguru but against an entire religion and nation. She believes, he represents the nation and hence, must be treated with respect. Kangana Ranaut was of the stance that people have been pouncing on the man for his outlook which is not quite correct. She also shared a picture of Sadhguru in deep meditation, along with a meaningful quote on Mahashivratri.

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