Kalyana Vaibhogam 29 October 2021 Upcoming Story: Chanakya threatens Divya to tell the truth

Chanakya threatens Divya to either tell him the truth or remove her ‘mangalsutram’. Watch the premiere episodes of Kalyana Vaibhogam serial on ZEE5 before TV!


October 27, 2021

Kalyana Vaibhogam

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In the next episode, a furious Chanakya confronts Divya and demands her to tell the truth if she has any respect for him as her husband. Everyone gets shocked as Chanakya tells Divya to consider him dead and remove her ‘mangalsutram’. He then tells her that he is ready to listen to her if she confesses the truth and that he would take her ‘mangalsutram’ if she decides not to reveal what she’s hiding. As Divya reaches out to her ‘mangalsutram’, Prasad wonders if she will really pull it off and give it to Chanakya. A tensed Chandrika gets curious about Divya’s reaction.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Divya found a photo of the priest’s descendants. Nithya managed to click a picture of the photo and showed it to Prasad and Chandrika. Prasad recognised the children in the photo to be Chanakya and Sesi. He told Nithya that he saw the photo in Chanakya’s wallet. Nithya ordered Prasad and Chandrika to steal the photo before Divya could see it. Later, Charukesha suggested Divya a way to find out how the children in the photo look like after growing up. Later, Nithya called up Chanakya and told him that Abhi and Divya are hiding a few things from him. Chanakya told her that he wants to know why Divya and Abhi have been going to the temples. Nithya told him that he must find out the secret and he will be shocked to know the whole story.

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