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Julia Fox And Kanye West Are Levelling Up Their PDA Game; Engages In A Passionate French Kiss In Pictures – CHECK OUT


January 30, 2022

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Julia Fox and Kanye West are totally into each other and this time quite literally and physically. The couple is currently in the spotlight for their Paris Fashion Week photoshoot and the latest ones are smoking hot

Kanye West and Julia Fox are definitely smokin’ it, and their PDA isn’t holding back. While in Paris for Fashion Week, Kanye West, 44, and Julia Fox, 31, kept their love heated by french kissing in a photograph for all to see. The artist and starlet separated in the middle of their smooch, exposing their entangled tongues. Julia sported a crimson latex outfit, which is a mainstay in Kim Kardashian’s and the rest of her sister’s style, as well as her typical dark black eye makeup.

Meanwhile, Ye donned a coloured lens that made his eye seem white, leaving only his eyeballs as the only pigmentation in his eyes. Otherwise, he stuck to his all-leather appearance, which has established a signature of his time in Paris. The entire picture had a crazy, unrestricted vibe to it, and Kanye and Julia seemed to slide comfortably in. During Paris Fashion Week, the new couple was seen multiple times.

While they each had their own distinct style for the picture, matching clothing appears to be their motif this week. On Monday, Jan. 24, the two wore matching leather ensembles from head to toe. In addition to his leather jacket, jeans, and boots, the “Stronger” artist sported a black ski mask to complete the look. With coordinating pants and boots, the starlet rocked a zipped leather minidress.

They got identical denim ensembles on Sunday, January 23. The Uncut Gems actor sported a denim crop topcoat with low-rise pants and even a pair of denim trousers, whereas the “Gold Digger” rapper chose a denim jacket and trousers to suit. They both sported leather gloves, but added a pop of color with their unique accouterments: Julia donned gold massive earrings and Ye wore glasses.

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While many have claimed Julia of courting Kanye for the sake of popularity, she has stepped out on her podcast Forbidden Fruits to refute those charges. “I’m not the most apparent candidate,” she acknowledges. Let’s see what course of action will this relationship now take.

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