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Jothe Jotheyali 21 March 2023 Written Update: Bhavana sees Jhende locked in a storeroom


March 23, 2023

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While Jhende is busy talking to Sanjeevani, his voice catches Bhavana’s attention, who is out jogging and she lets out a scream of terror seeing him locked in the storeroom.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, as everyone convinces her, Sanjeevani accompanies Sharada Devi to her house, where she meets Harshavardhan. She gets annoyed when she is unable to live in the room built for her, as it is currently Aryavardhan’s secret room. Later, Aradhana questions Sanjeevani’s motive behind returning to her house.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Harshavardhan misses Mansi but refuses to reach out to her as he fears that she will take him for granted. He then gets upset thinking about how Mansi didn’t try to reach out to him and decides to wait for her to return. Meanwhile, Sanjeevani heads to the secret room and gets irked thinking about how she is unable to live in the room that was built for her and how the rights to the Vardhan properties are given to Aryavardhan. Furthermore, she decides to get back what rightfully belongs to her. Bhavana approaches Sanjeevani and questions her about her strange behaviour.

The next morning, Sanjeevani contacts Jhende and questions him about calling her back home. While jogging, Bhavana hears a voice and follows it, which leads her to the room where Jhende is locked. As Bhavana cries out, Harshavardhan tries to calm her down. Meanwhile, Jhende tries to incite Sanjeevani against Anu and uses her greed, and asks her to oust Anu from Aryavardhan’s life at the earliest. Jhende tells Sanjeevani the reason behind his plan is to get Aryavardhan back in his life. Elsewhere, Bhavana’s antics have Harshavardhan bursting out with laughter and he teases her. When the family members question the duo, Bhavana lies about how she saved a scared Harshavardhan.

Aryavardhan goes silent when Bhavana asks them about Jhende, who is locked in the store room. Sanjeevani insists on meeting the person locked in the store room, however, Anu stops her from doing so. As everyone supports Anu, it leaves Sanjeevani annoyed. Sanjeevani watches an emotional Aradhana hug Vishwas’s photo frame, as she misses him. Aradhana is surprised when her mother suddenly embraces her and asks her the reason behind her being upset. During an emotional conversation about Vishwas, Sanjeevani asks Aradhana her view about Aryavardhan and guesses the reason behind her decision to merge her company with the Vardhan company.

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