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Jothe Jotheyali 03 March 2023 Written Update: Aryavardhan’s decision annoys Aradhana


March 15, 2023

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Aradhana gets annoyed when Aryavardhan decides to delay meeting her team as he agrees to attend an event at the chawl, due to which she plots against him.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Meera gets annoyed by Aradhana’s attitude towards Aryavardhan and engages in a mild argument with her over Aryavardhan attending an event at the chawl.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Ratnakar catches Karunakar talking to Ramya on the call and her words leave him furious. Jhende arrives at the scene and learns about Aryavardhan attending an event at the chawl as a special guest. Jhende tries to calm Ratnakar as he lashes out at his son and reconfirms the information he overheard. At the office, Aradhana tells Aryavardhan about her team visiting his office and how they need to update about the whole process, to which he states that Meera will be handling it. While she is talking about this, Meera visits Aryavardhan’s cabin and seeing her Aradhana’s smile turns sour.

Aradhana feels delighted when Aryavardhan states that he won’t be able to give time to the task that she wishes to discuss with him. Meera tells Aryavardhan about the event that will be taking place at the chawl and how his absence might hurt the chawl’s tenants. Aradhana is shocked when Aryavardhan agrees to attend the event and delays the meeting with her team. She then asks him the reason behind the chawl being important to him.

Jhende thinks about Aryavardhan attending the event and gets annoyed thinking that Aryavardhan has moved on in his life without him. At the office, Aradhana’s sudden sour mood surprises Meera and she tries to discern the reason behind it. Aradhana gets annoyed thinking that the chawl is more important for Aryavardhan than the merger of their company and she decides to make Aryavardhan miss the event. Meanwhile, Aryavardhan visits Anu’s cabin and cheers her up with his antics. Aradhana catches Anu and Aryavardhan feeding each other and it breaks her heart.

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