Happy Birthday Chunky Pandey: As He Turns 59 Here’s A Look At His Top Performances

Being a serious supporting actor or making us laugh with his acting, Chunky Pandey has never disappointed us. As our loving Aakhri Pasta turns 59, here’s a look at his stellar performances on screen

It was the 90s when they gave every character an equal opportunity to showcase themselves. Be it the main Hero’s brother who avenges his death or the best friend who always cares; we have loved supporting actors just as much as the main actors. Chunky Pandey was the best person who fits the bill for the best supporting actor. Chunky Pandey was the quintessential supporting actor every hero needed in a film. With his comic role and his great personality, here are the movies where he was the best–


In this hit film in 1993, Chunky Pandey played the role of Munnu. He was Govinda’s brother in the film while Govinda played the main character, Bunny. The film was a comedy with very funny punches and scenes that left audiences choking. The two played the role of two brothers who always play pranks. On one such occasion, a joke goes out of hand, and Govinda disappears. Chunky Pandey’s comic timing and the way he finds his brother will leave you laughing.


Chunky Pandey’s role in the film Vishwatma was different from the roles he usually played. Unlike his comical films, this film was an action thriller, and Chunky played the role of a vengeful, angry young man who sought revenge for his brother’s death. This film made people believe that Chunky could also play a serious role, and people saw him as a good actor after the same. He played the role alongside Sunny Deol, Late Actress, Divya Bharti and Naseeruddin Shah.


In the hit comedy Housefull, Chunky played the legendary role of an Italian man, Aakhri Pasta. The first film of the Housefull franchise was a laugh riot, and Chunky was also a reason behind the notorious laughter. Not a single moment went by when Chunky didn’t show up in his disastrous state talking about his Italian ancestry. This role is much talked about and even earned Chunky the status of a good actor.

We wish Chunky Pandey a very Happy Birthday! We wish him all the best for his future and are eager to see him on the screen once again!

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