Gattimela 28 October 2021 Upcoming Story: Vijay Raghavendra attends Amulya’s ‘mehendi’ ceremony

Vijay Raghavendra attends Vedanth and Amulya’s ‘mehendi’ ceremony, and adds a special charm to the ceremony with a spectacular performance, leaving everyone delighted.


October 27, 2021


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In the latest episode of Gattimela, Suhasini is worried about Aarati backing out from her evil plan to stop Amulya and Vedanth’s wedding. She decides to target Vikrant and put him in danger, to scare Aarati and coerce her into following her plan.

Meanwhile, during a game at the ‘mehendi’ ceremony, Vedanth introduces his special guest, Vijay Raghavendra, who adds a special charm to the ‘mehendi’ ceremony.

In the previous episode, we saw Adya, Amulya, Adithi and Anjali talk about the attire that they plan on wearing for the ‘mehendi’ ceremony. Sarthak argues with Adya about his decision regarding western attire for the ceremony. He talks about how men have only a few options when it comes to clothes. Adya and the others try to convince Sarthak to wear Indian attire, but he refuses to do so.

Suhasini continues to scare Aarati into following her plan by reminding her that Vikrant’s life will be in danger if Amulya gets married to Vedanth. Dhruva arrives at the scene and is surprised on seeing a worried Aarati.

We also saw Vedanth and Amulya get mesmerised on seeing each other. Vikrant and Adithi tease them for staring at each other. Vedanth teases Amulya by stating that he doesn’t wish for any argument during the ‘mehendi’ ceremony and Amulya’s reply to this leaves everyone in splits. Amulya’s ‘mehendi’ ceremony begins and the henna artist beautifully writes Vedanth’s name on Amulya’s palm. Amulya expresses her wish to write her name on Vedanth’s palm, but he refuses to do so. When Adya threatens to make Sarthak and Vikrant sleep in the spare room, the men forcefully place Vedanth’s hand on Amulya’s, who fulfils her wish and the result of the same delights Vedanth.

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