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Finally, Pete Davidson Reacts On Kanye West’s Song About Beating His A*s; Find Out What Does He Have To Say


January 17, 2022

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Recently Kanye West released a snippet of his upcoming song where he added a line about kicking Pete Davidson’s a**. Now the comedian has reacted upon it and it’s quite surprising

We’ve seen a lot between Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Pete Davidson in the last few days. Recently, a clip from Kanye West’s song went viral, in which he said he was going to kick Pete’s ass.
Pete Davidson, on the other hand, is above it all. The 28-year-old Saturday Night Live performer appears unconcerned about being singled out in a rumored leaked clip of a forthcoming Kanye West song.

According to a source, the comic was not surprised when the rapper sang about beating up Pete overseeing his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. “Pete practically anticipated it to be mentioned in a song by Kanye eventually, and rather than disliking it, he enjoys it and believes it’s hysterical,” the insider revealed.

Pete would never stand in the middle of any of that,” the insider stated. “He doesn’t desire to dispute Kanye; he values Kanye because he is still the dad of Kim’s kids, and that is significant and eternal, and Pete will never stand in the way of any of that.” “He sees being featured on a Kanye West song as a slap on the shoulder and, quite frankly, something pretty cool.” Pete is well aware that now that he is featured in a Kanye West song, he will live that long.” For the Staten Island resident, just being acknowledged by the world-renowned musician “made it all worthwhile.”

“God protected me from the crash, just so I can kick Pete Davidson’s a**,” Kanye sings in his new song “My Life Was Never Eazy.” The short sound clip was posted to Twitter alongside a picture of Kanye and his new girlfriend Julia Fox. On Thursday, January 13, Kanye announced the track on Instagram by revealing the cover image, which features an avant-garde sculpture of a creature.

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Since they were initially linked together in October 2021, Pete and Kim’s relationship has been on the rise. They were later seen having a good time on a pizza date, wherein they couldn’t keep their arms off one another. The couple had recently returned from a sunny vacation in the Bahamas during the holidays.

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