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Debi Mazar Finally Reacts On Julia Fox Playing Her In Madonna’s Biopic; Her Reaction Is Quite Surprising – CHECK OUT


January 20, 2022

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The legendary actress Debi Mazar opened up about how surreal it is to know that she will be portrayed in a film about her friend Madonna. Her reaction to the cast is surprising

Julia Fox was recently reported to be playing a big role in Madonna’s biopic, and the woman she will portray has now responded. Julia’s friendship with Kanye West has gotten her a lot of attention.

Debi Mazar, 57, is quite enthusiastic about the prospect of a Madonna biopic. In a Wednesday, January 19 Instagram post, the starlet stated that learning that Uncut Gems star (and Kanye West’s current girlfriend Julia Fox, 31, was in negotiations to portray her in the film made her laugh. Despite the fact that Debi was unable to clarify when Julia had been hired, she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to have such a talented actor play her.

Debi also shared a number of flashback images of herself, featuring one of her with Madonna back in the day, while offering her thoughts. She also stated that seeing all of the media coverage was “unbelievable.” “I find it all humorous, but the part that interests me the most is somebody will be playing ME!” she wrote.

Debi added that she thought Julia was “beautiful, smart, and a really talented actor” despite the fact that she had only examined her once. Although the Goodfellas heroine compared her to a friend, she claimed it was an honour to be a part of the film. She also gave guidance to whoever is cast in the role of her. “Funny enough, she resembles me much more than Madonna than I did when we were younger!” Obviously, I’d be delighted. I wish all of the ladies that audition the best of luck! “Gimme a ring if you really need dancing skills or accent lessons,” she remarked.

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The Empire Records star also confessed that she had no idea who Madonna had in view for the biography or what fans may expect. Nevertheless, Debi expressed her confidence in the singer’s ability to tell her “epic story” but because she’s a “wonderful imagination.” Julia was initially seen with Madonna and Kanye over dinner, sparking speculation about her role in the 63-year-old pop star’s biopic.

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