COVID-19 Patients Losing Eye Sight Due To Black Fungus In Maharashtra

COVID-19 second wave has been affecting thousand of people in India. While India is still battling with COVID-19, black fungus is spreading rapidly in India.

Aditi Sharma

May 22, 2021

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India is finding it difficult to cope up with the rising cases of COVID-19. While the novel coronavirus is still affecting thousands of people in India, now black fungus is becoming another deadly cause among COVID-19 affected and recovered patients. After health minister Rajesh Tope said that there could be 2,000 unconfirmed cases of black fungus or Mucormycosis in the state, now it is reported that most of the patients in Maharashtra are losing eyesight due to Mucormycosis.

Mucormycosis or black fungus has been spreading rapidly in India. Rajasthan has declared it as an epidemic where more than 150 cases of lost eyesight in COVID-19 patients have been recorded recently. Maharashtra has been recording the highest number of lost eyesight cases due to black fungus. More than 1500 cases have been reported while Delhi records more than 100 cases.

The health minister of Maharashtra said that 90,000 injections have been ordered to treat black fungus. Maharashtra has been emerging as the hotspot of Mucormycosis. Out of 1500 cases, 90 people have died due to Mucormycosis. 500 people suffering from black fungus have been recovered.

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Mucormycosis is a deadly and rare fungal infection that is mainly caused in people with chronic health conditions like diabetes and HIV. People with low immunity also get affected by this deadly disease. The group of molds Mucormycetes that cause this black fungus live throughout the environment and is ubiquitous in nature. They can be found in soil, garbage, or anywhere they find a favourable environment to grow. Thus, if a person with low immunity inhales these molds, then he can get infected. It is primarily caused in people who have undergone oxygen therapy, have been on a ventilator, or have been treated with long-time steroids.

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