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Bhagya Lakshmi 27 April 2023 Written Update: Rishi comes to save Lakshmi

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May 9, 2023

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Rishi comes to Lakshmi and tells her that he felt she was in danger. Shalu tries to manipulate the terrorist. Rishi overhears the terrorist speaking to Lakshmi and later, they both decide to make a plan to save everyone.

In the previous episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Lakshmi passes the security guards as the leader of the terrorist warns her to comply. Malishka tells Neelam about Rishi and says that he left her behind. Neelam gets worried and tries to call Rishi, but Malishka tells her that his phone is with her. Shalu tries to get free from the terrorists. Neelam gets worried and tells Virendra that she must speak with Rishi at all costs.

In the next episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Rishi comes to the auditorium and sees Lakshmi sitting there. He tells her that he was worried about her and felt that she was in danger. Shalu, in the meanwhile, tries to manipulate the terrorist and escape, but he catches her. Rishi tries to ask questions to Lakshmi, who shows him the bomb and tells him that they need to be smart in dealing with the situation as they have Shalu. At home, Malishka worries about Neelam’s behaviour and feels that something is up. Sonal learns about Rishi and tells her that she needs to keep him and Lakshmi at all costs. Rishi overhears the terrorist speaking to Lakshmi and tells her that she must keep the bomb in the minister’s office. Rishi tells her that he did see an old man outside. They both decide to save everyone.

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