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Bhagya Lakshmi 19 May 2023 Written Update: Lakshmi feels upset

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June 2, 2023

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Vikrant calls Lakshmi. Karishma forces Lakshmi to remove the nuptial chain, stating that she has no right to Rishi’s life anymore. Lakshmi cries and Rishi notices her. Aayush tells Rishi that he must realise his feelings.

In the previous episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Vikrant drops Lakshmi home and at the same time, Malishka argues with Rishi as he wins the competition with Lakshmi and not her. Neelam gets elated seeing Rishi all right and tells him that he needs to stay away from Lakshmi, as Vikrant will now take care of her. Rishi later, feels distraught but decides to be away from Lakshmi. The next day, Rishi sees Lakshmi getting hurt.

In the next episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Vikrant’s mother gets him to call Lakshmi and says that he needs to go with her and select an engagement ring. Neelam at home worries about Rishi and tries to speak to the priest. Vikrant calls Lakshmi and asks her if she will accompany him to the jeweller and she agrees. Shalu and Bani worry about Lakshmi’s happiness. Back home, Karishma shouts at Lakshmi for wearing a nuptial chain and demands she remove it, stating that she has no right over Rishi anymore. Rishi later, sees Lakshmi distraught and notices that she is removing the nuptial chain given to her by him. Rishi feels upset as well and Aayush asks him to share his feelings. He cries and mentions that he feels very upset that Lakshmi is leaving him and Aayush states that he loves Lakshmi. He promises himself that he will get Rishi to realise his feelings.

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