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Ben Affleck Spills Beans On His Former Wife Jennifer Garner; Contemplates On His Marriage With Her


December 16, 2021

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Ben Affleck who has been in news for his new romance with the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez has recently given insights about his former spouse Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck has revealed that he felt trapped in his relationship with Jennifer Garner, and that he believes he would have not gotten clean if he had continued in the relationship. The actor made the statement during an interview on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, when he also admitted to having reservations regarding reigniting his romance with ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez due to their celebrity.

When asked if he and Garner would have ended up, the 49-year-old acknowledged they would have. He would have most likely continued to use alcohol. Ben, on the other hand, sought alcoholism treatment in 2018. In June 2015, on their 10-year anniversary, he divorced his ex-wife. He began drinking as a way of coping with his situation. He can’t just leave due to his children, yet he’s unhappy, so what should he do? And what he did was drink a bottle of scotch and pass out on the couch, which was not the answer.

Jennifer Lopez, 52, with whom Ben was previously engaged until calling it over in January 2004, has recently revived their romance. When Ben and Jen, dubbed ‘Bennifer,’ are together, they certainly cause quite a fuss, but the actor admitted he was hesitant to pursue the relationship because of the potential impact on his children. When questioned if he had any reservations about returning with J-Lo, Ben said that he had. The most important obligation he bears is to his children. If at all possible, he avoids doing anything that hurts or harms them. Meanwhile, after JLo divorced her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, Ben restarted his affair with her in April. He was formerly linked to Ana de Armas, the actress from No Time to Die.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are a happy couple, and the two aren’t afraid to flaunt it during their public appearances. The couple also recently strolled the red carpet in Los Angeles for the premiere of Ben Affleck’s film ‘The Tender Bar’, and they were a sight to behold as they strolled hand in hand.

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