Anti-Lockdown Protests Continue In Several Parts Of The Netherlands

The Dutch police has arrested over 470 people in the last four days who are rebelling against the fresh imposition of the Coronavirus curfew in the Netherlands

Raghav N

January 29, 2021

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Anti-lockdown protests continued in the Netherlands for the third consecutive day as unruly mobs across several cities of the European country went on a rampage. Demonstrators objected to the night curfew imposed by the government after a surge in Coronavirus cases were seen recently. More than 180 people were detained yesterday, while close to 470 miscreants have been arrested in the last there days in various towns and cities. The Dutch police had to resort to using teargas and water cannons at various spots to disperse the disruptive crowd.

Mayor of s-Hertogenbosch, Jack Mikkers called the agitators rioters, looters, and thieves, while appealing to the crowd to cooperate with the administration in its fight against the contagion. He also alleged that some rowdy protesters visited the city’s hospital and attempted to scare the medical staff there. In Rotterdam, several policemen have been injured in the last three days, while around 33 individuals have been apprehended. In the small Hilversum town, a crowd was seen running from what looked like an explosion on the street.

The curfew was imposed last Saturday in the nation, though schools and non-essential shops have remained shut since December. Netherlands has reported 13,579 deaths from COVID till now, while it has recorded more than 9.5 lakh infections till date.

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