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After Sonu Sood’s Statement On Rs. 20 Crore Tax Evasion Allegations, #ScamSood Trends On Twitter; Netizens Slams The Actor


September 20, 2021

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#ScamSood trends on Twitter after Sonu Sood releases a statement on Rs, 20 Crore Tax invasion allegations. Netizens are creating memes and slamming the actor

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been offering his helping hand to needy people during the time of COVID-19 lockdown. He became an inspiration for many, and people began to know him as a humanity idol. But recently, the actor is facing legal issues as the income tax department had a survey at Sonu Sood’s property. They went on to survey his offices at nearly six places, and later, his residence in Mumbai also came under their radar. The Central Board Of Taxes alleged that Sonu Sood had evaded tax of Rs 20 crores. 

Now it has been said that the actor has a connection with the Rich Group in Kanpur. On Monday, Sonu Sood denied allegations of tax evasion and illegal funding. While doing so, he shared a statement on Rs 20 crore tax evasion allegation and mentioned he does not need to tell his side of the story. He was not able to serve the people as he was busy with guests for four days is what he added. 

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This entire matter is now public, and his fans are well-versed with what is happening in Sonu Sood’s case. While many are supporting him, the others are making memes and trolling the actor. Many even slammed him and took to their social media accounts to give their reactions. Interestingly, the netizens have also come up with a trendy hashtag for Sonu Sood, which reads, Scam Sood (#ScamSood). Several memes about the same have surfaced on the internet.

The one reads as “Released all over India. #ScamSood”.


The next reads as, “#ScamSood IT department guy to Sonu Sood..”


The another reads as, “Fraud men’s can’t live too long in a honest government…. You was in wrong perception till now. #ScamSood”.


The next reads, “Oooh, sonu has gone viral in international media also, perfect competitor of Lawdasur 



One of them reads, “.@IncomeTaxIndia should raid @flyspicejet too in connection with @SonuSood #ScamSood”.


“Via Sony Liv #ScamSood”, reads the next.


Amid this Sonu Sood while talking to a leading daily said that he is a law-abiding citizen. He went on to reveal that he had received offers of a Rajya Sabha seat from two parties, but he was not mentally prepared to join politics. 

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