Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Will Swetha Be Successful In Turning Vennila Into A Bird?

Swetha is back and along with Neelambari, she is now trying to turn Vennila into a bird!

Now that Swetha is back and she is fine once again, it is evident that she will wreak havoc in Venilla’s life and try to do anything to keep Venilla out of her way. In a recent turn of events, Vennila had stated pleading with Swetha while she threatened her. Further, Nilambari calls the tantric and asks him to change Vennila into a bird.

Swetha has always envied what Venilla has, especially when it came to how close she seemed to be getting to Muthusaran. She has been wanting to tie the knot with the protagonist, Muthusaran. Apart from this Swetha is also notoriously famous for colluding with Neelambari for meeting her motives. This time, Neelambari has found a tantric to execute their plans. This Tantric can apparently turn Vennila into a bird. Will he be successful in doing this to her? Will Chitra try to stop this from happening? With every passing moment, Neelambari and Swetha seem to be coming up with plans that are more innovative than the previous ones.

Vennila, however, has no choice but to sit for this ritual with her hands tied. Whenever she has had to face troubles like this in the past, Vennila’s will was strong enough to overpower Swetha and Neelambari’s motives. Vennila has always proven that true love will triumph over evil motives. But will this time be the same or will we see Vennila entrapped in a bird’s body?

About Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a Tamil thriller drama television series. The story revolves around Mutharasan, the son of a landlord, whose step-mother Neelambari kills his wife Chaitra and wants to acquire all the property. Mutharasan is an obedient son who is unaware of Neelambari’s evil plans. Meanwhile, Vennila, his cousin, loves him and wants to marry him. How will Mutharasan realise the truth?

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