Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Swetha to plot against Vennila?

Swetha is back to create a mess in Venilla’s life again, but how will she do it now?

Popular Tamil show, Yaaradi Nee Mohini has been developing rapidly in terms of the story. The show has seen several turns and twists over the years, one of which has been Swetha trying to endanger the relationship between Muthusaran and Venilla. Swetha played by Chaitra Reddy has always envied what Venilla has, especially when it came to how close she seemed to be getting to Muthusaran. She has been wanting to tie the knot with the protagonist, Muthusaran which is played by Shreekumar. Apart from this Swetha is also notoriously famous for colluding with Neelambari for meeting her motives.

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Recently, we saw that Swetha had been discharged from the hospital and was back in the game. She had gone to the hospital as a result of her own doings but is the least likely that she will learn from her past and not do it again. Neelambari and Swetha are determined to have Venilla out of their lives and their ways so they can be well on route if inheriting more wealth and quenching their thirst of jealousy and revenge.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini has entered another chapter with the return of Swetha yet again. Is there scope for her to mend her ways in the future or will she always wreak havoc in Muthusaran’s and Venilla’s life? Keep watching the show to find out what is in store for Venilla’s future. How will Mutharasan realise the truth? Catch this show only on ZEE5!

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