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Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Don’t Miss These Moments Between Vennila And Rudhra That Will Melt Your Heart

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December 5, 2020

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Even though they are not related by blood, Yaaradi Nee Mohini’s Vennila and Ruthra share a bond sweeter than anyone in this world. Here are a few heartfelt moments between the duo.

Blood is always thicker than water but in the case of Vennila and Rudhra, they did not have to be related by blood to share the bond of mother and a daughter. Here are a few moments between Vennila and Rudhra from Yaaradi Nee Mohini, that will melt your heart and tell you that she loves Rudhra like she was her own.

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1)  When Vennila and Rudhra visit the hospital

When Muthurasan was hospitalised and was declared to be in a critical condition, Vennil and Rudhra found themselves in tears and could not stop sobbing by his head. Later Vennila asks Rudhra to caress Muthurasan’s head and ask him to wake up. Soon after that, both of them hug, giving us one of their most heartfelt moments.

2) When Muthurasan is able to see again

Right after Vennila escapes Neelambari and Swetha’s evil plans of turning Vennila into a bird, another great thing came to their way when they heard that Muthurasan would soon be fine and could see the world. He asks to see Vennila and Rudhra to be the first people in from of his eyes and the first thing he sees.  At this point, both Rudhra and Vennila stand close to each other, extremely happy with what was happening.

3) When Vennila tries to learn English

Vennila, at one point in the show, was desperate to learn English and poor Rudhra tried her best to teach her without any reservations. What followed was an endearing interaction between her mother figure and the little tot who did everything to teach Vennila the ABCs.

4) When Vennila reveals that she is pregnant

When Vennila revealed that she was pregnant, Muthurasan was on cloud nine like expected but Rudhra was happier since she would now have someone to play with. She hugs Vennila tightly and does not show any signs of jealousy. She convinced us that she would be the best sister ever and we can’t wait to watch her play with her younger siblings.

5) Vennila performs the toughest ritual to save Mutharasan and Rudhra

When she found out that Muthurasan and Vennila’s life was in danger, she did not give a second thought before jumping into the fire to save Muthurasan and Vennila. At this moment, we know that Vennila treated Rudhra as her own child and would do anything for her.

6) When Vennila prays to their deity

As soon as things were back to normal, Vennila being the religious woman that she is, wanted to first pray to their deity. Instead of taking only Muthurasan to the pooja room, she also took Rudhra and made sure that she had the Goddess’ blessings. She then gave them offerings of the god and shared a heartfelt moment with them.

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