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Yaaradi Nee Mohini: 10 Times Vennila Gave A Sneak-Peek Into The Sets With These BTS Moments

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November 20, 2020

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What goes on behind the sets when Swetha isn’t trying to make everyone’s life hell? Here are 10 moments from the sets to tell you just that.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini has taken interesting turns over the past few months. While Vennila and Swetha are seen as enemies on screen, these behind the scenes moments from Nakshathra AKA Vennila’s Instagram will tell you otherwise!

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1)This video of Vennila and her onscreen daughter deserves all hearts

On November 21, 2018, the actress took to Instagram and posted an adorable video of the two endearing girls singing along to a song.  She captioned the video as “My Chundriiiikuttimaaaa” and the video was showered with love. Watch the mother and daughter duo singing along while they adore each other.

2) Here’s a video of the two on the sets of Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Once you watch this video, you will want to play it on loop. This is proof of how talented these girls are and how much they make each other laugh on sets. While these girls laugh their ways through in this video, we are in awe of their camaraderie off the screen. Watch the cute video here!

3) Beauties on sets

When the cameras are off, Swetha and Vennila are back to shelling out friendship goals. As much as Swetha hates Vennila on screen, off screen, they are full of adoration for each other. This beautiful photo of Chaitra AKA Swetha and Nakshatra who plays Vennila is proof of just that.

4) The one where they made Vennila’s birthday extra special 

Every day is special with the right people, so special days like birthdays are as special as they can be. Watch how Swetha made her co-star’s birthday extra special. As Nakshatra walked into the room, she found it to be full of surprises. The room filled with candles made her jump with joy. Watch the video here!

5) Who said going to school can’t be fun? 

While all the naysayers will tell you that school isn’t fun, this video of Swetha and Vennila, studying their way through their break on sets, will convince you otherwise. Watch Vennila and Swetha study Hindi together here below.

6) A friendly banter goes a long way!

Are they even your friends if they don’t pull your leg every chance they get? This video of the leading ladies dancing and laughing with each other will make your day. Watch the girls dance away to Mental Manadhil while they tell you that it’s the other one that’s crazy.

7)Ever shipped Appu and Swetha?

Here’s a video that will prove to you that Swetha and Appu are pure goals. Nakshatra captioned this fun video as “Kulla Paiyyaan, Appu With Shwetha Akka”. Watch this video of Appu trying to woo Swetha. If Appu and Swetha can find a way to be together then the spotlight will definitely move away from Muthurasan and Vennila to Appu and Swetha.

8)How entertaining is this video of Vennila!

Ever thought Vennila could beat anyone up even if it was for fun? Here’s a video of the girls dancing away to their favourite number. As Vennila takes a stroll around the park, watch her dance like no one is watching. This video will make you want to be a part of all the off-screen fun they have.

9)As charming as can be!

This video of Vennila and Swetha singing along to this song with expressive eyes will make your day. Watch the video right here. While Vennila has already won all our hearts with her will and righteousness, Swetha will make you forget for a split second that she was meant to be evil.

10)Like true mother and daughter

The last video on our list is of Lisha dancing away to a peppy number while Vennila adores and admires her as any mother would. Lisha nails all her moves like she is the real star. This video has all of us in awe of her just like Vennila is looking at her.

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