Viral Video: Vicious Crocodile Attacks An Adult Elephant, See What Happens Next!

A video of an elephant and a crocodile has lately been taking over the internet as people have been loving the tactics of nature. Have a look at the details here.

A recent video of a crocodile and an elephant has lately been going viral across social media platforms. The video showcases an elephant being attacked by a crocodile while it is busy drinking some water from the river. The attack is so sudden that elephants around the place also get startled and back off from the waterbody in defence. The elephant is quick to react with all its strength as it successfully manages to throw the reptile away by using immense force. The video has lately been taking the internet by storm as people are quite fascinated by the spontaneous attack and the elephant’s reaction to it.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to the recent elephant-crocodile viral video:

A fascinating video has been taking over the internet which features an unexpected fight between a crocodile and an elephant. In the video attached above, a bunch of elephants, including an elver, can be seen drinking some water from a river when one of them is attacked by a crocodile. The elephants are taken aback and also step away from the river within the next few second. However, the elephant with the crocodile on its trunk has a hard time freeing itself but successfully tucks the reptile away after putting in a lot of strength. The elephant is also quick to walk away from the river once the crocodile has returned to the river.

The video is being loved by the people as the scene is quite intense and the elephant’s quick reaction saves its life. People have been speaking highly of the crocodile as well, as it was able to pull off the sneaky attack with a lot of precision.

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The video was initially shared on the Twitter handle of Susanta Nanda, who has been a part of the Indian Forest Services before. The man has also mentioned that such attacks can take a heavy toll on the elephants as their trunk end up getting severely damaged. He has also mentioned that crocodiles generally attack baby elephants in such scenarios. The video already has 12k views and is also being re-tweeted by multiple internet users.

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