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Veergati, Gondya Ala Re: 7 Films And Originals On ZEE5 That’ll Fill You Up With Pride This Independence Day 2020

Kedar Koli

August 14, 2020

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Check out the list of patriotic films and ZEE5 originals that are just perfect to be watched on India’s 74th Independence Day.

India will be celebrating its 74th Independence Day on August 15. The day has been kept aside to mark the establishment of India as a free country, independent from the oppressive rule of the British. It is indeed a special day in history as our nation became independent thanks to the struggle spearheaded by several freedom fighters, many of whom sacrificed their lives in the process. Several filmmakers have retold the stories of patriotism through their extensive works. Well, if you are wondering which films they are, you’re certainly at the right place! Listed below are some of the best films and Originals on ZEE5 you can watch on Independence Day this year. Rest assured, these films would surely fill you up with a sense of pride about our nation. We begin with the ZEE5 Original film Veergati.

Watch the film here.

1. Veergati 

Veergati is a ZEE5 Original featuring Gaurav Ghatnekar, Yatin Karyekar, and Radhika Harshe in lead roles. The story is about an Indian army soldier who comes across a young Kashmiri boy who has just joined hands with the militants. The stand-off between the two leads to a thrilling turn of events in the Kashmir valley. The film is enough to evoke the patriot within you and surely needs to be watched this Independence Day.

2. Vitti Dandu

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Set in 1947, Vitti Dandu tells the story of Daaji (Dilip Prabhavalkar) and his grandson Govind (Nishant Bhavsar). Daaji’s story is narrated to us in the form of a flashback as the village in which he is living gets ready to revolt against the British. However, Daaji opposes the idea which earns him the villagers’ scorns. This inspiring tale of revolt needs to be revisited and what better than Independence Day to do so! Watch the film on ZEE5 here.

3. Gondya Ala Re

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Everyone knows the story of the 1857 revolt by Mangal Pandey and associates but not many are aware of a similar armed revolt back home. The ZEE5 Original Gondya Ala Re attempts to shed light on the revolutionary incident that was led by three revolutionaries–Damodar, Balkrishna, and Vasudeo, collectively known as the Chaphekar brothers. You can watch the series starring Bhushan Pradhan, Shivraj Waichal, Kshitij Date, and Anand Ingale here.

4. Senani Sane Guruji

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The film starring Sandeep Kulkarni is based on the life of Pandurang Sadashiv Sane better known to everyone as Sane Guruji. The film is about the teachings of Sane Guruji whose contribution to the Indian Independence struggle went unnoticed. It presents an accurate picture of the hardships he had to face in his life while fighting for Independence and how he later propagated the importance of education through his work. Watch the biopic on Sane Guruji here.

5. Uri: The Surgical Strike

Uri: The Surgical Strike is a high-octane thriller starring Vicky Kaushal, Paresh Rawal, Yami Gautam, and Mohit Raina that recounts the story of India’s first-ever surgical strike on Pakistan. The stealth mission conducted by the Indian army to destroy the terrorist bases in our neighbouring country sent shockwaves across the globe. The film captures the essence of bravery and valour in its true sense. It won’t come as a surprise if you let out the war cry “How’s the Josh? High, sir!” after watching the film. Go give it a try here.

6. Parmanu

The film is about the Pokhran nuclear tests led by a group of Indian scientists that went down in history as one of the USA’s biggest intelligence failures. Parmanu is the account of this significant event in history which was carried out successfully on Indian soil despite many conflicting issues. John Abraham plays a vital role in the film, so we don’t think we need to say more. Watch the film on ZEE5.

7. Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty

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This film action-packed thriller starring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha is relevant in the current times as our country seems to be engulfed by terrorism. Holiday sheds light on the concept of sleeper cells used by terrorist forces to destroy the country from within. Watch how Akshay packs a punch in this nail-biting drama that keeps you on the edge of the seats until the very end. Stream the film here.

So, what are you waiting for you? Let’s celebrate the spirit of patriotism by watching these films and originals on ZEE5.

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