US President Joe Biden Pledges To Bring Up Human Rights Violation With Russian President Vladimir Putin

Read about the incident that made President Joe Biden announced that he will be holding his Russian counterpart, President Putin accountable for HUman Rights Violations.

American President Joe Biden on Memorial Day announced that he will be bringing up the subject of Human Rights Violation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is to be noted that Biden has chosen to take a different stance with Russia than his predecessor Donald Trump who openly favoured Putin. Relations have been tense between the US and Russia as they are set to meet in June at Geneva for a convention held to smooth things over. 

President Biden also revealed on the same event that he had spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping for over two hours on the phone about Human Rights violations as well. This was especially about the crackdown on Hong Kong, the violence against Muslim Uighurs and dominating actions around Taiwan and other parts of Asia. He said that America as a country felt that it was their responsibility to speak up on this issue and it will keep raising concerns on the same. He also reportedly said that China will have to face the repercussions for its actions.

Meanwhile, the USA is looking back to restart life after the coronavirus as majority of the people are vaccinated and fresh cases have gone down.

US relations with Russia on the other hand have hit a new low as even Russia’s Ambassador to Washington was asked to leave the states after President Biden allegedly called Putin a “killer.” The US Ambassador to Russia too has returned to his home country. The coming talks in June will definitely touch upon Belarus and its leader Alexander Lukashenko who reportedly used his power and influence to create a bomb hoax to bring down and arrest a critic of his, Roman Protasevich and his girlfriend off a plane at an airport. The two are locked up and slated to be in jail for 15 years. The Russian leader was seen proudly backing his ally Lukashenko but the West has been condemning the Belarusian leader’s actions.

The US might take strong actions against Russia and could even stop some trade like the export of cotton and tomatoes.

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