US Court Dismisses Trump Administration’s Recent Changes To H-1B Visa

In a big relief for Indians aspiring to work in America, two H-1B Visa restrictions by the Trump administration in October this year, which aimed at reducing the inflow of foreign workers in America have been cancelled by a district court yesterday

A United States district court struck off two recent changes to the H-1B Visa brought in by outgoing president Donald Trump’s administration that was aimed at narrowing the eligibility criteria for foreign workers in the country. The magistrate ruled that the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic wasn’t enough reason for the government to change in the original visa rules.

In his bid to reduce the inflow of workers from other nations in America, Trump had increased the average minimum wage level by an average 40%, thus disqualifying a large chunk of people from the market for high-skilled jobs. Apart from this, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), that was responsible for formulating the new rules along with the Department of Labour (DOL), also reduced the validity of the H-1B visa holder to a year instead of three years for workers at third-party offices or sites.

With the new government coming in next month in the US, the Republicans’ visa terms will no longer see the end of the tunnel. This also comes as a huge relief for Indians, who constitute 70.9% of the H-1B Visa holders. China is next at 9.7%, while Canada follows with 1.3% of its citizens as custodians of this permit-type.

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