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Ullas Hydur rides on the success of transforming and creating Opulent sets for ‘Avatara Purusha’

Brajesh Chaubey

November 29, 2021

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Ullas Hydur, an architect by profession, has created something for ‘Avatara Purusha’ that is beyond the comprehension of the average person. With a plot that revolves around dark magic, this is the watershed moment.

Art and architecture are synonymous with each other and while an architect builds buildings, unending resorts, and transforms open spaces into spectacular places, there are some who just don’t get the kick of life carrying out the same dull jobs day in and out. Such is the case with the art director, Ullas Hydur, who an architect by profession, felt there is much more to his mundane work than just being in the process of construction in daily life. A big freak in the world of Star Wars, games, and Hollywood’s magnanimous sets, Ullas felt the need to explore the world of make-believe sets, for which he realized that cinema was the only medium to fulfill his lavish dreams.

Then started Hydur’s extensive work when with Avane Srimannarayana, which was so well recognized, that he went on further with the stupendous sets of ‘Avatara Purusha,’ which is already getting a massive response for his creativity, and left everyone speechless with his art direction.

Ullas has built a world that is beyond imagination for ‘Avatara Purusha’ which revolves around the world of Black Magic. Under Director Suni, Ullas has just felt that he is living his dream of creating multiple worlds, which are compelling and persuasive.
With different locations like Kerala and Rajasthan, the art director is going manifold with his work, and it was a tough job to make both look similar, in the same span of time. He says that while in Rajasthan the sets created also included one that of a cave that had a training school for magicians, in Kerala, the house was that of the protagonist. With a story that involves black magic, Ullas in an interview said that the research work was immense. They had to do a lot of studies involving the mythical Mayan mandala, Spanish gypsy magic, South African voodoo magic with bits of Greek history, all enticed together but keeping the magical flavour of India and the essence of the script real and spicy while working on the creativity of construction.
Film-making has to be crisp and appealing to the masses, and the work of an art director is no less in pouring out the vision of the maker. The Kannada movie starring Sharan, Ashika Ranganath, and Sai Kumar in major roles is a complete drama also written by Suni, with Arjun Janya as a musician.
The film ‘Avatara Purusha’ is gearing for a December 10 release.

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