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Tu Patang Main Dor 11 March 2021 Written Update: Loveleen misunderstands Zarina


March 11, 2021

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Will Zarina allow Major Shoaib to leave Aman’s house on a bitter note? To know what happens next on Tu Patang Main Dor, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Tu Patang Main Dor, Aman and Zarina run through the woods to escape the sight of the rioters who seem to be keen on killing them and they try to rush back home. They soon end up in a broken, deserted house and escape the rioters as they look for the duo. Aman and Zarina hide under a blanket until the rioters walk away and spend the night in the abandoned house. The next morning, Zarina wakes up and gets taken aback on not finding Aman around her. She tries to look for Aman around the abandoned house and finds an unconscious Aman in a ditch with both his legs injured. Zarina lifts Aman and places him on a cycle carriage and tries to pull him home but soon encounters a rioter on a bike who goes on to point a gun at her.

Watch what will happen next on Tu Patang Main Dor:

In the next episode of Tu Patang Main Dor, Zarina smartly snatches away the gun from the gunman and scares him away. Meanwhile, a disappointed Major Shoaib returns to Diyal’s house with no news from Aman or Zarina. Soon enough, Zarina pulls the bicycle carriage to Aman’s house. A doctor examines Aman and prescribes a treatment for him and suggests Major Shoaib to rest so that his wounds heal swiftly. Zarina sits beside an unconscious Aman and tells Aman’s family about their ordeal with the rioters leaving Amrit perplexed. Furthermore, Amrit recalls Jagtaar’s words and visits him st the jail discreetly. She overhears Jagtaar having a discussion with a police man about harming Aman and gets shocked.

Raju senses Amrit’s presence outside the jail and calls out to her, Jagtaar tells her with conviction that he would be acquitted of all the charges against him and be released within a week. He goes on to tell her that the ball is in her court and he would spare Aman’s life only if she gets him married to Loveleen leaving Amrit in a dilemma. Well ahead, Loveleen accuses Zarina of neglecting Aman and refuses to heed Zarina’s explanation. Loveleen forms an unsavoury opinion about Zarina. Later, Aman notices Zarina and Major Shoaib in a compromising state and gets furious. Loveleen follows Aman to his room and locks him in an embrace. Amrit and Loveleen sideline Zarina and dress Aman’s wounds.  What will happen next? Stream Tu Patang Main Dor premiere episodes before TV only with ZEE5! Avail exclusive films, ZEE5 Originals series at just Re 1 per day!

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