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Top 10 Viral Videos Of 2020: Yashraj To Trump, Here Are All The Buzz-Worthy People On The Internet

Tanvi Dhote

December 22, 2020

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Several videos managed created buzz on the internet even though many countries were in complete lockdown. So here are the Top 10 viral videos of 2020.

In the year 2020 many videos on the internet have gone viral. While some of these videos were a bit sad some of them were downright hilarious. Even the world has been suffering due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the internet turned out to be a boon for many. Find out more details about these viral videos below.

1. Backflip in a Saree

A woman’s video went viral on social media all thanks to simple backflips. But these backflips got more interesting when this woman performed them in a saree. Mili Sarkar, a dancer and yoga enthusiast performed a series of backflips and netizens wholeheartedly responded to her by making it viral.

2. Hula Hooping in a saree

After the backflips in saree video went viral online, a new version of the same challenge became an overnight sensation. 24 year-old Eshna Kutty performed a physically demanding hulla hoop routine in a saree. Soon many people took upon themselves and tried performing the same challenge.

3. The crying boy

A little boy went viral online while getting a haircut. Many people online could help but laugh and empathise with the boy at the same time. No wonder the boy went viral in no time.

4. Yashraj Mukhate’s ‘Rasode Main Kaun tha?’

Musician Yashraj Mukhate became an overnight superstar all thanks to his amazing editing and music skills. He took an iconic scene from a Hindi daily soap and added his own touch to it. This uniqueness gave birth to thousands of memes and hilarious remakes.

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5.Donald Trump’s mispronunciation

Donald Trump’s trip to India was highly anticipated. During his speech, he unfortunately mispronounced Swami Vivekananda’s name. This mishap went viral in no time. People could not help but dissect this video further and troll it online.

6. Bhangra with dogs

Another little boy created buzz online this year. This little boy was filmed performing bhangra in front of little puppies. This adorable received immense love online. People could not help but applaud his impeccable dance skills.

7. Minister Ramdas Athawale

Rajya Sabha member Ramdas Athawale went viral on social media for his COVID-19 slogan. In this viral clip, he is seen shouting, “Go Corona, Corona Go”. More than his words, his toning made this video a viral sensation.

8. Pregnant woman delivered on Indigo flight

Indigo airlines created a major headline this year. A pregnant woman ended up delivering her baby while on board. After the plane landed, the entire runway crew was lined up waiting to welcome the new born baby and his mother.

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9. The Zomato Delivery Man

A Zomato delivery man’s video went viral on social media. In the video, the delivery man is glowing while talking about his job. He is all smiles while his friend shoots him on his phone.

10. New Zealand celebrating Diwali in B’wood style

Diwali is celebrated by Hindus across the globe. So in honour of this festival, a bunch of cops in New Zealand’s Wellington decided to celebrate the festival of lights by dancing to a Bollywood song. No wonder this video went viral on the internet and received immense love from people.


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