This International Dance Day, Witness Top 10 Performances From DKD Family War Season 2!


April 29, 2020

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Pranathi-Tejas And Preethu-Anika

Source: ZEE5

Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2 has been all about the amazing performances and the importance of dance. It has taught us how expressive we can be and how a story can be told without the use of words. On International Dance Day today, here are some of the most outstanding performances that will take your breath away!

Pranathi-Tejas and Preethu-Anika performed a western style of dance where they danced on techno beats with UV light formations while Preethu (Paaru) and Anika (Kamali) danced on a mix of whacking and hip hop and might we add, what a beautiful performance they gave us!

Prekshith-Anwisha And Anoop-Dimpanna

Source: ZEE5

Prekshith-Anwisha and Anoop-Dimpanna danced with props. Prekshith-Anwisha danced to Jagave Ondu Ranaranga with the help of a table with wheels while Anoop-Dimpanna grooved with hoola-hoops! Speak of talent and they’ve got it all!

Suraj And Minchu

Source: ZEE5

Suraj and Minchu, ex-contestants of Comedy Khiladigalu, performed the famous Koli dance of Maharashtra. The judges couldn’t take their eyes off of the duo. No wonder, they won the ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’ tag!

Soorya-Hiranmayi And Ashok-Bhavani

Source: ZEE5

Soorya-Hiranmayi, from the off-air Zee Kannada show Mahadevi, paid a tribute to actor Shankar Nag while Ashok and Bhavani from Aathma Bandhana took us back in time with their retro theme of antakshari with their performance.

Prekshith And Anwisha

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in the colours of the Karnataka flag (yellow and red), Prekshith and Anwisha gave it their all for the ‘Fire Brand Performance’ as the judges were blown away with their stunt-centric act!

Soorya And Hiranmayi

Source: ZEE5

From Zee Kannada’s Mahadevi, Soorya and Hiranmayi risked their lives as they performed this act which was particularly in-sync like no other. What a treat it is to watch these two perform!

Vicky And Adithi

Source: ZEE5

Using water, Vicky and Adithi from the show Gattimela gave us an extremely romantic number that truly melted our hearts. Well, who would have thought that these two amazing actors were exceptional dancers too!

Ashok And Bhavani

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in these white, blue, and gold costumes, Ashok and Bhavani from Aathama Bandhana seemed in their element as they danced away to a romantic number. Well, we don’t know about you, but we definitely couldn’t take our eyes off them as they were in their element!


Source: ZEE5

Going solo with her performance, Pranathi from Bramhagantu danced to the tunes of Bit Hogbeda from  Raambo 2 along with Garbadhi from KGF: Chapter 1 where she proved that dance is all about the expression. Her performance was about a woman who was required to live alone after having lost her mother.

Shiny and Hanumantha

Source: ZEE5

Speaking of emotional, Shiny and Hanumantha danced to the song Malage Malage Gubbi Mari which told the story of a father-daughter relationship where a loving father struggled with memories of his deceased daughter. 

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