Thirumathi Hitler: While Swetha Might Not Want To Live Without Badri, Here’s Why They Must Not Blame Hasini

While Keerthana accuses Hasini for Swetha’s state, here’s why we believe that’s not true.

One of the most difficult things to go through is to see a loved one suffer and not know what to do to help him/her. In Thirumathi Hitler, Swetha’s whole family faces a similar situation where they find Swetha trying to kill herself because Badri seems to have betrayed her. While it must be heartbreaking for Swetha, it is certainly a tougher time for Hasini since she deeply loves her sister. As soon as Keerthana hears of Swetha being in the hospital, she rushes to find her on the hospital bed and accuses Hasini of being incompetent.

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There might be a few reasons to believe that she has tiffs with Swetha but they do not realise the sacrifices that Hasini did for her. While Badri turns out to be a rogue cop and a cheat, we are glad that he is out of Swetha’s life. Hasini works very hard towards making Swetha believe that she doesn’t need anyone. She even stops Keerthana from asking Swetha as to why she took the step because she doesn’t want her to have any stress in life.

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After all, Hasini is a loving person who adores Swetha dearly even though she might not get a chance to express it very often. She even goes to threaten Badri for what he did to her and stands like a rock by her always. When it comes to Swetha, Hasini’s true feelings towards her are enough to prove that she would cross the seven oceans for her.

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