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These videos are proof that Kamli Ishq Di’s Preeto aka Kamalpreet Nazm is a disciplined artiste


November 22, 2020

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Kamli Ishq Di’s Preeto is a dedicated artist and her behind-the-scenes moments prove it. Read on to know more.

One thing that makes an artist dependable is the quality of being on time. Kamli Ishq Di‘s Preeto (Kamalpreet Nazm) is also such a punctual artist. Kamalpreet shared her behind-the-scenes moments on social media. The series of videos explains Kamalpreet’s dedication. Let us show you.

Meanwhile, you can watch the latest episode of Kamli Ishq Di here:

The early morning struggle

Source: Instagram

This is a vlog from Kamalpreet’s shoot diary. At 5.48 AM, Kamalpreet asked her make-up didi to give her a touch-up. Kamalpreet looked totally charged to dazzle the camera.

Kamalpreet’s concern 

Source: Instagram

Here, Kamalpreet is ready to roll in her Preeto avatar. But she was waiting for her co-stars, Kavita Sharma (Lalli) and Ritika (Nimmo).

Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, Kamalpreet captured the prep of the crew. She even captured the DOP of the show in her vlog.

Finally, the wait is over

Source: ZEE5

On a rainy shoot day, Lalli mami and Nimmo are ready to turn up the drama. Kamalpreet addressed the ladies as fukriyaan and laughed at them.

Kamalpreet and her gags

Source: ZEE5

Kamalpreet is totally the opposite of her character Preeto. She’s funny but a reserved person. Kamalpreet is a book-lover who loves to spend time by herself. However, she does have a good sense of humour. In this video, Kamalpreet asked Ritika to pose for a photo and then made a fool out of her. Check it out!

So, these are some behind-the-scenes moments from Kamalpreet’s shoot diary. Her dedication is worth noticing. What are your views about her punctuality? Let us know in the comment section below.

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