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The Pav Bhaji Business in ‘Agga Bai Sasubai’ Has Proved Talent Is More Important Than Wealth To Run A Business

Riddhi Adsul

November 29, 2020

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Know how Pav bhaji business in ‘Aggabai Sasubai’ has proved that talent is more important than wealth!

Currently, in Agga Bai Sasubai, Chef Abhijeet Raje  (Girish Oak) has started working at a Pav Bhaji stall. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Soham has also started serving Pav Bhaji at Abhi’s Kitchen. However, it looks like things haven’t been working for Soham as he planned. The customers at Abhi’s Kitchen are unsatisfied with Soham’s Pav Bhaji. They leave the restaurant without eating the food as they don’t enjoy the taste of Soham’s Pav Bhaji.

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Unlike Soham’s pav bhaji recipe at Abhi’s Kitchen, things for Abhijeet are working wonders. The latter discovers a Pav Bhaji stall in a busy market. He realises its empty with no customers. He requests the owner to let him work at his Pav Bhaji stall. However, at first, the owner doesn’t agree but when one of Abhijeet Raje’s fans requests him, the owner allows Abhijeet to cook at his stall.

As we know, the amazing chef that he is, Abhijeet Raje prepares a lip-smacking Pav Bhaji and impresses the fan. This gathers more people’s attention and slowly, the stall turns into a busy restaurant. Abhijeet’s Pav Bhaji starts gaining immense popularity on the first day itself. While returning back home, Abhijeet carries Pav Bhaji for everyone in his neighbourhood. Asawari and all his neighbours welcome him.

The next day, Abhijeet’s Pav Bhaji’s news goes viral on social media and this attracts the media to his small stall. The stall gets crowded. The media also arrives on time. The reporter asks Abhijeet Raje questions about his work. Back in the chawl, Asawari learns about Abhijeet being on TV. She gets excited and runs towards Vishwas’ house. Seeing Abhijeet, Asawari feels very proud.

Agga Bai Sasubai
Source: ZEE5

Soham also watches Abhijeet’s interview on TV and gets shocked. He visits Abhijeet’s stall to insult his Pav Bhaji. Soham and Shubhra reach and order for Pav Bhaji. However, Soham tries to insult Abhijeet saying the Pav Bhaji isn’t spicy enough. Shubhra teaches him a lesson by secretly asking Abhijeet to add more chillies.

Even though Soham takes away Abhi’s Kitchen from Abhijeet and tries to steal his business, he fails at satisfying his customers. Soham fails at cooking good food and therefore, Abhi’s Kitchen is left empty without Abhijeet. On the other hand, Abhijeet proves that he can achieve success solely based on his talent.

Stay tuned to Agga Bai Sasubai on ZEE5 for more updates on what will happen next in Abhijeet and Soham’s life.

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