The Married Woman Gets Appreciated By Critics As They Emphasize On Its ‘Rightful Portrayal Of Adultery’: Read Reviews

ZEE5’s latest release The Married Woman is getting widely hailed by the critics as well as the audience. Here are some interesting takes of the show as told by critics and viewers.

With the emergence of new-age content, cinema and OTT have witnessed a surge of stories where female characters are at the forefront. And these dramas are breaking stereotypes in style. Similarly, ZEE5’s widespread library has some interesting and inspiring stories of women, across different genres. On similar lines, ZEE5’s latest release The Married Woman has managed to leave a lasting impression on the viewers’ minds. The show offers the audience an appealing perspective while inspiring them with the story of Astha’s self-discovery.

Marked with some great performances and an engaging storyline, The Married Woman has been a heartwarming watch for the viewers. While the audience is loving this adaptation of Manju Kapur’s novel, the critics too couldn’t hold themselves from appreciating it. The Married Woman is an exquisite blend of realistic drama, top-notch performances, and noteworthy sequences. And here are some interesting highlights of the show made by the critics.

Rediff “A Commendable Job”

Noting down on an interesting point, Reddif’s review of The Married Woman highlighted that the female leads of the show are pan-sexual. And that’s something that has not been explored in “any form of entertainment content” in India. This adaptation of Manju Kapur’s novel is “a commendable job,” the critic adds. The show’s major highlight is its “astounding moments” that keep the viewers glued to their screens. Concluding the review the critic says, “The Married Woman is an interesting watch and the efforts of the makers need to be complimented.”

Indian Express “Well-Contained Performances”

The Indian Express cited that some memorable performances are the soul of The Married Woman. The critic adds, “if you prefer to watch The Married Woman, do it for its cast.” Appreciating the narrative and emphasizing more on the performances the reviewer wrote, “Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, Suhaas Ahuja, and Imaad Shah, have all given well-contained performances. Special mention for Ayesha Raza for being a much-relatable interfering relative who has an issue with everything that her sister-in-law does.”

Hindustan Times “Promising and Gripping Storyline”

The critic of Hindustan Times highlights The Married Woman as a promising and gripping storyline. The show explores the emotional turmoils of a middle-class woman stuck in the safety of a typical patriarchal family very aptly, the review adds. Appreciating some crucial pre-climax moments, the reviewer added that the “whirlwind of emotions” Astha undergoes while being in a dilemma of her family responsibilities and her own happiness are well portrayed.

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Bollywood Life “Revisit It For Fine Performances”

Bollywood Life admired the impactful writing of the Married Woman saying, “Dialogues make an impact on more than a few instances.” And the major highlight of the review became the top-notch performances by the whole cast. The reviewer wrote, “It’s the acting from each and every cast member that really elevates The Married Woman several notches above what its plot, screenplay and direction merit.”

The critic concluded by saying that The Married Woman is a story that you won’t mind revisiting for its “fine performances”.

SpotboyE “It Is Ambitious”

The critic of SpotboyE stated that The Married Woman is a “mirror to numbness” of a long-ranging marriage. Packed with some conventional moments, The Married Woman is an “ambitious” project, the reviewer adds. The characters’ “unconventional moves” are shocking and make for an interesting watch.

So, that’s everything the critics had to say about The Married Woman. The show is getting showered with love and appreciation from the fans too. And here’s taking a look at what the audience has to say about the show.

While this was a critical take on the series, viewers too are falling in love with its admirable and commendable narrative. Here’s what the internet is saying about The Married Woman.

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Many fans appreciated the rightful take of The Married Woman on adultery, lies, and victim card. The other appreciated it for being a well-crafted adaptation of Manju Kapoor’s novel.

Also, a few fans compared it with the renowned show ‘Fleabag’ citing Ridhi Dogra’s great performance. And few of them seem highly impressed with Peeplika and Astah’s chemistry in the story.

The Married Woman is now streaming on ZEE5.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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