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The Married Woman: Follow Peeplika’s Journey As She Discovered Hex Sexuality and Determination To Fight Patriarchy

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March 11, 2021

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Take a deeper look at the colourful Peeplika from The Married Woman and understand her nuances, her complexities and her perspective towards everything in life.

Peeplika is one of the most interesting and layered characters in The Married Woman. We daresay she’s more interesting than the protagonist Astha herself. It is no wonder that Astha gets attracted to her and even falls in love with her. The free-spirited Peeplika is an enigma in her own right and also a wonderful artist. It’s a treat to watch her character on the small screen and the way she infuses the quest for freedom in you.

She was born into a high-class Muslim family, but her parents had no time for her as they were always busy arguing. Tired from the noise and the lack of attention, Peeplika became a quiet child who sat outside her house and ate grapes while her parents fought inside. In eighth grade when girls around her were going through puberty and getting into grooming and makeup, the artist in her was awakened and she began to sculpt with the mud in the playground. But even for doing something as creative and artistic as this, she was reprimanded by her teachers. As a child, Peeplika was alone in school and also at home.

She began to find solace in a pretty and quiet girl in her class while all the other girls were obsessed with a cool guy named Vaibhav. Peeplika fell in love with a girl in eighth grade, and she was her first love. They held hands and shared secret smiles together. Her relationship with her mother too was frail and she even slapped Peeplika on many occasions. But Peeplika had found love and she found happiness in her lovers. That is when she began to have lovers one of the other. She abandoned her sadness and loved recklessly as if it was a way for her to feel alive.

Eventually, she fell madly in love with Aijaz and he accepted her for the way she was. In Aijaz she found no judgment, just pure love, and she decided to marry him. Her family of course did not approve as Aijaz’s class and thoughts did not match theirs. But Peeplika did not care and settled down with him in a quiet home where he directed plays, and she painted.

When Aijaz dies and Astha enters her life she is completely taken by her. She finds Astha stunning and very interesting by the way she is all wound up in her life. It sparked a curiosity in her. After Aijaz’s death, when Peeplika is left heartbroken, Astha becomes a caring force, a gentle breeze amidst the storm in her life. She understands the simplicity of Astha and makes her aware of her own complexities. It is no wonder they are drawn to each other.

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We think that Peeplika’s childhood was an important factor that shaped her future self, as is the case with most individuals according to psychology. Had her childhood been more safe and harmonious, she would probably not have recklessly loved the way she did and probably not have had such a big string of lovers. But she does achieve an enormous feat by never bowing down to patriarchy and finding a love that best suited her, and never compromising due to the fear of society. Kudos to her for her boundless spirit!

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