Thalaivii: Kangana Ranaut Opens Up On Getting Permanent Stretch Marks Because Of Gaining 20 Kg; ‘Gaining And Losing Messed Up Things In My Body’

In her latest Insta post, Kangana Ranaut opens up on gaining 20 kg for her role of Jayalalithaa in Thalaivii. In the caption, she wrote how she had to go under major body transformation, not once but several times. She spoke up about her experience on Instagram

Kangana Ranaut, who was last seen in Thalaivii- a biopic on former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa, had to gain and lose weight several times for her role in the film. Kangana recently took to her Instagram and revealed that it took a toll on her health as she had to gain 20 kg which was not easy for the actress. For the unversed, Kangana had to gain almost 20 kilos to resemble the politician, apart from spending hours on the prosthetics makeup chair.

Kangana almost foregoes her fitness regime for the preparation of the roll, putting up 20kgs came with a cost as it made her suffer from severe backaches. She also added that despite what people think, putting on weight in her 30s was very difficult. She had to do Bharatanatyam which left her severely damaged but she has no bigger gratification than to play the role of Jayalalithaa to perfection. She also praised the late actor/politician Jayalalithaa as the first superhuman girl on the Indian screen, and also called her a rare combination of dainty yet strong looking.


Kangana also added that her journey from fat to fit wasn’t easy but she feels good. After seven months she’s not been able to achieve her earlier stamina. She also revealed that shedding 5kgs was the most difficult part. Speaking about the same, she said that there are moments of despair and then her director Vijay shows her Thalaivi footage and all seems fine to her. But back pain and low stamina are one of the most common complications associated with weight gain that the actress has been experiencing.

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