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Taish: 6 Moments From The ZEE5 Original Every Socially-Awkward Person Will Relate To

Tanvi Dhote

November 16, 2020

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ZEE5’s Original Taish, is garnering praises from everywhere. Apart from its concept and stunning performances, Taish is also an ode to many relatable socially awkward situations. Here’s why.

ZEE5’s Taish has become the talk of the town since its release. The film/series has a gripping storyline and impeccable performances by the actors. But apart from these elements, ZEE5’s Taish has given the viewers a chance to relate to the original’s characters. So here are some situations from Taish, that showed how these characters also witnessed quite a few awkward moments.

1. When Rohan meets a prospective bride

After facing the wrath of his father, Rohan moves on to meet his mother. After engaging in some much-needed mother-son banter, Mrs. Kalra introduces Rohan to a girl. Even though Rohan is responsive to the girl a.k.a. his prospective bride, he is already planning an escape from the situation. So to reduce his awkwardness, he even cracks a joke that his mother definitely does not find amusing.

 2. When Arfa reaches Kalra mansion

Taish’s Arfa and Rohan departed from their hospital on a sore note. The two had an argument about Rohan’s family not being happy with her religion and her nationality. But the moment she reaches the Kalra mansion, her awkwardness reaches a new level when she sees Rohan dancing with another woman at Krish-Mahi’s sangeet rehearsals.

3. When Arfa meets Rohan’s parents

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents is a daunting task for many people out there. It is more difficult for socially-awkward people. This situation is no different for Arfa. So when she finally comes face to face with Rohan’s parents, her expressions are dead giveaway about her awkwardness. P.S: Rohan and Arfa were about to share a kiss when Mr. and Mrs. Kalra walked in.

4. When Jahaan plans to meet Pali

Jahaan and Pali’s affair is not a secret to many members of the family. But Kuli is unaware about this. So when Jahaan plans to secretly meet Pali, she comes face to face with Kuli. She soon notices that Kuli is not alone. Her awkwardness in this moment is clearly visible.

5. Mahi at the rehearsal dinner

Mahi was part of several awkward moments in Taish. But one of her most awkward moment was when she revealed to Krish that her ex is actually a distance cousin. Even Krish seems extremely shocked by this revelation. But since the soon-to-be-married couple were at their rehearsal dinner, they could not speak much. But their awkwardness was noticeable.

6. Honorary mention: Rohan’s awkward dance rehearsal

While Arfa seems to be the socially awkward queen of Taish land, her beau is no less. Rohan’s awkward dance rehearsal deserved a mention. While everybody else is grooving to the catchy track, Rohan is trying very hard to follow the choreography. His efforts also show his love for his brother Krish, whose wedding celebrations has assembled the whole family together.


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