South Korea Passes Law Allowing K-Pop Stars To Defer Military Service

The BTS band is allowed to postpone their military service until the age of 30.

In South Korea, men from the age of 18 to 28 had to compulsorily join the military for 2 years. Recent South Korea news reports that The Government had passed a law that allows K-pop artists BTS to postpone their mandatory military service. Read further to know why they have been given a concession from joining the military on an urgent basis.

K-pop stars BTS allowed postponing their military service

As part of the countries efforts to guard the nation against North Korea, all able-bodied South Korean men from the age group of 18 to 28 have to mandatorily join the military service and serve for 2 years in a row. They made an amendment to the military service act as an exception for the k-pop stars BTS who help to improve the country’s cultural status and boost the country’s economy. South Korea has allowed these eligible students to defer their duties up to the age of 28 to allow them to complete their education.

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The country has also provided exceptions for high profile classical musicians and athletes who won Olympic medals or won at the Asian games. The k-pop stars had received exemptions for their service but the cultural minister has deferred their service for more 2 years and now they have time up to the age of 30. The oldest member of the BTS band, 27-year-old Jin is reaching the end of the enlistment age of 28 but can now enlist himself post 28 as well.

The BTS artists are rewriting Kpop history. The BTS had 7 entries in the latest Billboard hot 100 marking the most that the South Korean artists have charted within a week. Bruce Harris, a reporter from Seoul said that BTS has improved the economy and cultural status and have made a good reputation of the country, which is why the lawmakers have changed their mind and allowed them to serve later. He added, “the students in that group are often scared to join the military because of the fear from North Korea. Now the law allows the artists to continue to be on stage and cater to their needs.”

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He added that BTS has bought in $1.4 billion dollars with only one alone last year which a huge contribution to the country’s economy. He added that they alone have generated a huge amount which would have not been possible even after 8000 employees worked together. The lawmakers have thus realised that these men are beneficial outside the uniform for the country. The benefit is not just for BTS but anyone who would change the economic status of the country.

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