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Shankar Mahadevan Joins Hands With Charitable Trust ‘Being Sevak’ To Help Blind Musicians During Pandemic

Shrudi Shyam

August 19, 2021

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Shankar Mahadevan was invited as the chief guest for a charity drive organized by ‘Being Sevak’. The charitable trust then distributed meal kits and specially designed mobile phones to 50 musicians.

The musical genius Shankar Mahadevan has always mesmerized the audience with his notes. Meanwhile, he has also supported and boosted up several musicians who needed any help. So how could he sit back and relax when the nation is fighting a war against the pandemic? And that’s why, when Shankar Mahadevan received an invite to be the chief guest at a charity drive organized by the charitable trust ‘Being Sevak’ to help out blind musicians who are struggling to make ends meet.

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‘Being Sevak’ recently organized a charity drive supporting blind musicians in the battle against COVID-19. The drive covered the distribution of essentials kits and mobile phones, which have become a much-needed necessity during the pandemic. The essentials kit included groceries, dry rations, ready-to-eat food packets, hygiene kits, and more.

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Shankar Mahadevan was invited as the chief guest for this event. He not only attended the event but also met with each and every person while giving them the pandemic kit. The musician then interacted with them and uplifted their spirits. Talking about ‘Being Sevak’, Shankar Mahadevan stated that the charitable trust has been helping the poor and needy by giving them food and medical assistance in various parts of the city.

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Moreover, expressing his happiness over the current charity drive, Mahadevan claimed that thus trust has given them specially designed phones with brail and voice command software added to it. He said that a total of 50 blind musicians were provided with the kits. The singer also added that he wishes to collaborate with some of the musicians he met today.

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