Sembaruthi 27 May 2021 Written Update: Akhila is in for a rude shock

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In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Adithya promise to get Bhavani married to Mahesh. Rajeshwari lies to Mahesh that Bhavani is in her custody. Ganga panics on not finding Bhavani in the store room and informs Vanaja about it. Adithya seeks Guruji’s help.

In the next episode of Sembaruthi, Guruji agrees when Adithya requests him to speak personally to Akhila about stopping the engagement. Vanaja and Ganga worry as Bhavani goes missing from the storeroom. Rajeshwari is shocked when Akhila enquires about Parvathy and Adithya. Rajeshwari tries to instigate Akhila against Parvathy and Adithya as she misses their presence at the engagement.

Meanwhile, Parvathy regains consciousness when the water from a bottle in her room touches her face. She tries to open the door. Akhila and Rajeshwari are happy as the priest reads out the engagement notice.

Parvathy with a plan to stop the engagement, forcibly tries to break open the door. Rajeshwari compels a hesitant Mahesh to accept the garland given by Rathnam. While Mahesh eagerly awaits Adithya, Parvathy succeeds in opening the door. She arrives in the nick of time and stops Mahesh from exchanging the garland.

Akhila refuses to believe when Parvathy informs her about a treachery happening at the engagement. Rajeshwari tries to rubbish off Parvathy’s words and persuades Akhila to commence the engagement.

While Rajeshwari is in a fix that her plan is getting foiled, Akhila is all the more shocked when Parvathy reveals that it is pre-planned wedding and not an engagement. Although Rajeshwari tries to divert Akhila’s attention.  The people and family present are shocked to hear Parvathy’s words.

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