Sembaruthi 10 May 2021 Written Update: Bhavani bumps into Ganga

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In the previous episode of SembaruthiAdithya compels Vanaja to tell the truth to Akhila. Rajeshwari instructs Rathanam to abduct Bhavani. Guruji tells Vanaja to convey an important message to Akhila. Vanaja hides the truth from Parvathy.

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In the next episode of Sembaruthi,

Parvathy ignores Bhavani’s phone call. But when Bhavani call continuously, Parvathy answers the call and warns her not to call her ever again. But Bhavani requests Parvathy to meet her. Accordingly, Parvathy meets Bhavani and tells her about her promise to Akhila. But Bhavani promises Parvathy that she will end her life if Mahesh gets engaged to someone else. Akhila watches Bhavani and Parvathy from a distance.

Rathanam stops Bhavani on the road. He calls out to Bhavani, but the latter escapes. Rathanam and his goons chase Bhavani, who bumps into Ganga’s car and faints. Rathanam and his men escape on seeing Ganga. Ganga sees an unconscious Bhavani and realises that she is Pattamma’s grand-daughter. When Bhavani regains consciousness, Ganga introduces herself and offers to drop Bhavani.

A furious Akhila reaches home and scolds Purushothaman for talking over the phone and walks away. Parvathy watches this and tells a puzzled Purushothaman that Akhila is upset with her as the may have seen Parvathy talking to Bhavani.

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