Sembaruthi 08 February 2021 Written Update: A skincare analyst test the cream prepared by Parvathy

Will Jennifer approve the skin cream? To know what happens next on Sembaruthi, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!

In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Vadivel learns about Vanaja’s deceit, while Singaravelan chases Vanaja. Rajeshwari welcomes Azhavandan and his family. Rajeshwari frowns when Mahesh expresses his wish to speak to Varsha.

Watch what will happen next on Sembaruthi:

In the latest episode of Sembaruthi, Mahesh talks to his prospective bride in front of Rajeshwari. A cosmetologist meets Arun and tells him that she is confident that Parvathy’s skin cream will be a sucess. She further suggest that Arun invite a skincare analyst to inspect the cream and give them a proper review. Arun agrees with the cosmetologist and thinks of arranging a skincare analyst.

As Vanaja sits at a restaurant thinking of ways to defeat Parvathy, she receives a call from Nandini. Nandini enquires about Parvathy’s skin care cream. Vanaja replies all her question but makes faces unaware that Nandini is in the same restaurant watching her. When Vanaja disconnects the call, Nandini approaches her. A cunning Nandini tells Vanaja her that she has joined hands with the skincare analyst to ruin Parvathy’s project.

The next day Akhila and her family members wait for Jennifer, the skincare analyst who would inspect the skin cream. Jennifer mocks Parvathy for the ingredients to be used for the cream. Akhila feels embarrassed about it and warns Arun to not ruin the reputation of the company. Purushothaman asks Akhila to be patient, but Vanaja intervenes and makes fun of Parvathy. Parvathy requests Akhila to give her chance to prove her capabilities. Amidst all this, Jennifer receives a call from Nandini to enquire about the situation. Jennifer assures Nandini that she will handle the situation. Parvathy succeeds in preparing the skin ream. As Purushothman congratulates Parvathy, Akhila asks him to wait for the result. Jennifer tests the cream

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