Saudi Arabia Appoints Women In Senior Positions At Mecca And Madina For The First Time

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken this step to empower women, diversify the economy and end Saudi Arabia’s reliance on oil.

Saudi Arabia has appointed 10 women at Islam’s two holiest sites of Mecca and Madina. The women have been appointed senior positions in various departments including administrative and technical. According to the sources, the recruitment drive is majorly focused on empowering Saudi women with high qualifications and skills. The appointment of women in senior positions at religious institutions is in the midst of a wide-ranging liberalisation drive spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Prince seeks to boost employment amongst women as part of his vision 2030 plan which aims at diversifying Saudi’s economy and ending its over-reliance on oil. Earlier, as part of the plan, the conservative kingdom had lifted the ban on women drivers. However, the women activists who rallied for the right to drive were jailed sparking a serious controversy.

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