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Sathya: Kuberan Might Be A Trouble-Maker, But Friends Like Sasi and Kathir Got Sathya’s Back Like Nobody Else

Bhavna Gandikota

January 10, 2021

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While we love how Sathya fights back with Kuberan, Sasi and Kathir are proving to be friendship goals!

Sathya from the popular TV show Sathya is the epitome of courage, who would go to any lengths for justice. While this quality of hers is admirable, it has once again gotten her in a fix with the devious and money-minded Kuberan. We know that Sathya’s courage will get her out of this one, but her friends Sasi and Kathir, always make us wish we had such friends around us too.

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Sathya is set in a rather conservative backdrop where girls are judged for making the moves that Sathya does. Her friends Sasi and Kathir always shield her from all the judgements and prove to the society that people of two opposite genders can have a perfectly platonic camaraderie that is fueled by pure friendship.

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She is also known for her tomboyish nature but Sathya doesn’t conform to the societal norms that are expected of a girl and her friends remain a strong pillar through all this. Apart from this, the way that she counts on Sasi and Kathir to always have her back is endearing. The more surprising fact is that they even make sure that they are with her, whether it is a dangerous man like Kuberan who is against her or her own husband Prabhu. They also don’t feel bothered by the fact that most of the times, Sathya calls the shots. They are secure in their ideas of themselves and do not show any hints of toxic masculinity too which is uplifting for the viewers.

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