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Sathya 8 September 2021 Written Update: Sathya argues with Divya

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September 9, 2021

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Divya tries to create a rift between Sathya and Prabhu. But Sathya warns Divya.

In the previous episode of Sathya, Prabhu agrees to Sathya’s decision of working on another project. Elsewhere, the goons harass Ramalingam at work. Prabhu and Indhumati worry as Sathya batters the goons.


In the next episode of Sathya, Sathya fights the goons who create ruckus at the construction site. She tells Makkan not to reveal the fight to Prabhu and the family. The family reaches the site and questions Sathya if she fought with the goons. But Sathya lies to them that the goons left upon learning that she is pregnant. to distract everyone, Sathya asks Indhumathi and Janaki to perform the puja for the land.

Sadashivam informs Nirmla and Anitha that Sathya managed to perform the puja. This leaves Nirmala and Anitha fuming. When Ramalinga walks into the house, Nirmala insults him and the latter steps out of the house. He meets Sathya and Prabhu at the entrance, who insist that he join them for a cup of coffee. Sathya introduces Ramalingam to Indhumathi and the family.

A woman from the neighborhood brings milk for a pregnant Sathya. Indhumathi decides to warm it for Sathya. Saumya walks into the kitchen and enquires about the milk. She insists on having the milk, but Indhumathi refuses. Saumya complains to Indhumathi’s indifference. Prabhu asks Indhumathi to give the milk to Saumya. Divya, who watches this, thinks of a plan. She approaches Sathya and tells her that Prabhu loves Saumya more than her. So, he asked Indhumathi to give the milk to Saumya. Sathya fumes at Divya for cooking up a lie about Prabhu and warns her. Parbhu watches this from far and is delighted to see Sathya’s reaction. Sathya walks into the kitchen and sees Saumya arguing with Indhumathi. She instructs Indhumathi to give the milk to Saumya.

Sathya reaches Janaki’s house and hugs her. Janaki offers her a glass of milk. Sathya tells Janaki how she had to give away her share of milk to Saumya. Janaki says she is aware of the episode and that it was Indhumathi, who arranged the milk.

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