Sathya 26 October 2020 Written Update: Sathya Disappointed With Prabhu’s Behaviour

Sathya is disappointed with Prabhu’s behaviour. She reaches the brink of losing her mind. Read the full update.

In Sathya’s previous episode, Sadashivam and Nirmala decide to visit the temple to seek blessings on their wedding anniversary. On their way to the temple, Sadashivam injures a young boy. Soumya and Kathir, who were also going to the temple, intervene and solve the issue. Kathir takes the blame on himself and saves Sadashivam. Meanwhile, Sathya, Prabhu, and Indhumathi await Sadashivam and Nirmala at the temple, when a few neighbours spot them. The neighbours mock Sathya for her demeanour. They attribute Sathya as ‘tomboy’ and belittle her for not having a baby months after her marriage. Sathya gets disappointment with the neighbours’ remarks.

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In this episode, Sathya gives a befitting reply to her neighbours, who mocked her at the temple. The neighbours reveal that they never intended to insult Sathya. They disclose that they were forced to say what they said by a mysterious woman. Later, it is revealed that Soumya had asked the woman at the temple to mock Sathya in front of Prabhu. Soumya advises Sathya to use the incident at the temple to get closer to Prabhu.

Sathya takes Soumya’s advice and tries to get close to Prabhu. However, he resents, which leaves Sathya in disappointment. She even reprimands Soumya for suggesting silly ideas.

Meanwhile, Sadashivam taunts Sathya for spoiling his reputation by getting Kathir married to Soumya. He also informs Nirmala that he would take a break from work for a few days. Will Sadashivam accept Soumya and Kathir’s marriage? To know what happens next, you can watch Sathya episodes before TV by subscribing to the ZEE5 Club Pack.

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